Gee Atherton Huck to Flat at Windham 27


Credit: mallen10
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  • David_Hart

    12/23/2010 8:25 PM

    nuts, My whole body Aches, what kind of wheels are those?

  • captain_savage

    11/27/2010 9:17 PM

    Shit man! that was crazzay!

  • ibeaver

    9/19/2010 10:33 AM

    That was awesome... respect is all I gotta say. But who has the clip of peaty crashing? Heard his huck was a few meters longer.... damn.

  • iceman2058

    9/16/2010 3:13 AM

    Gee rocks! Good luck to him in Rampage.

  • bike4christ

    9/15/2010 9:41 PM

    awesome job!

  • Worldcup40

    9/15/2010 9:11 AM

    that made my shoulder hurt!


    9/15/2010 1:47 AM

    goodness..! I would have thought he would have had a pre-jump dialed.. obviously not..

  • Pininator

    9/14/2010 10:38 PM

    Balls out!!! Yep...he wanted that title pretty bad. Only a handful of people could stick that landing - I would have been sprung off the bike somewhere to the right. Probably a few rocks/trees/spectators would stop me at some point.

  • TMcCaul

    9/14/2010 9:38 PM

    And THAT is why he's gonna win rampage this year...

  • ErikNelson

    9/14/2010 9:17 PM

    turn the sound up and listen to that hit in all its glory

  • Pip3r

    9/14/2010 8:32 PM

    On the same note as Sven - I couldnt believe how calmly Peaty played off his crash off that considering how brutal it was. That would have put most mortals out for a season and he made no big deal of it.

  • Sven Martin

    9/14/2010 7:03 PM

    funny thing is Gee never even said there was anything sketchy in his run afterwards. He said he pushed hard and that was that. That extra .37 sec speed off this drop made all the difference in the overall title. Amazing what these guys do and pull off (or not pull off in Peaty's case) in their race runs.

  • northwestdhdad

    9/14/2010 6:09 PM

    I bet his wheelset got eggshaped too!

  • misterpeanut

    9/14/2010 4:41 PM

    that was soooo sick. I wonder what the Fox guys found when they did their service after that run?

  • jptree

    9/14/2010 4:37 PM


  • Marc.Landry

    9/14/2010 4:25 PM


  • Lars_Sternberg

    9/14/2010 3:14 PM

    Love it. + 1

  • Pip3r

    9/14/2010 3:06 PM

    Too bad there was no slow mo camera at the bottom of this - it would easily take the cake for the g-out project!

  • dhnomad

    9/14/2010 2:56 PM

    Is that the same drop that claimed Peaty? That was insane!

  • JRAD

    9/14/2010 2:39 PM

    Good stuff!!!

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