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Gee Atherton Documents the Huge Crash in Which He Smashed 11 Bones 22

On Friday 18th June Gee Atherton was filming near Dinas Mawddwy for his latest big mountain project when he suffered the biggest crash of a career that has been characterized by huge crashes!

The film was to be the 3rd instalment of a series of spectacular edits which kicked off with December’s "The Ridgeline" and continued with “The Slateline”. In the planned edit Gee took on a new ridgeline complete with huge jumps and as ever, zero margin for error.

Gee’s brother Dan said “People think that Gee’s wild because of the scale of the stuff he’ll take on and those huge crashes but most of the time he won’t do something until he thinks he can do it easily…"

On the day of the shoot conditions were fine, the Atherton DH bike was set up perfectly and the atmosphere on the hill was relaxed but a moment’s miscalculation led to Gee falling over 100 feet down a slate outcrop, bouncing off the cliff with such force that he broke his femur, radius, ulnar, 6 ribs, his nose and fractured his eye socket, he was severely concussed and doctors worried about possible damage to his lung but true to form Gee is making a rapid recovery without lasting damage.

Gee said “I completely buried myself. I can’t thank everyone enough, from the crew who kept my spirits high while they steadied me on that ledge to the paramedics, the Aberdyfi Search and rescue team that winched me off the mountain, the air ambulance who transferred me to the hospital and the fantastic surgeons at the Royal Stoke University Hospital who put me back together again.

Darren Roberts and Altius Healthcare are taking turns to bully me into rehab, I’ll be back on the bike and making more edits before you know it.

I wanted to share this edit as a tribute to those guys for getting me back on track and to document the first stages of my recovery. Warning: contains crash footage, I can barely watch it…” - Gee

Credit: The Athertons

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Your a true champ Gee! I once wrecked a moped taking a blind corner pinned and nailed the back of a double parked suv with it's hazards flashing doing a good 45-50mph. I also hit 11 bones, 6 ribs, 3 vertibrae in my and another 2 in my neck. I also punctured a lung, thankfully they shanked me between the ribs with a scalpel and inserted a chest tube attached to a pump before it collapsed. Finally I sustained a stage 4 spleen laceration and the doc had to soughter off 1/3 of it loosing all functional abilities in that third in the process. Had to get two bags of blood in me quick cause I was fainting from the internal slow leak . . . No femur or orbital socket so I can't touch your record, but dude practice bone image healing techniques . . . I know it sounds like new age hippie quackism but I swear it's a big part of how I could do butterfly strokes in the pool again so fast and why I was back on my crf250 (sold the stupid moped, my uncle's ripped me a new one for wrecking so hard on a two stroke with only 88ccs haha) 3 months sooner than my physical therapist projected. They are going to give you this little lung exercise device where you have to control the rate at which you inhale by balancing this little ball inside of a tube between two lines as you inhale as full as possible and then keep the ball between the two lines as you exhale as well. Doing that more than the doctor recommended is also key to why I held up so quick. You will permanently lose stamina and worse lung capacity unless you practice that stupid game double or triple the amount in the doctors tell you to and for long after they tell you to stop. That's what I did and dare I say I can still hold my breath as long as I could 12 years ago when I was in the Junior lifeguards program in Ventura county. What you said about recognizing the risk and accepting the fact that that's always a possibility proves the caliber of professional rider and champion you really are. Besides the Welsh are a tenacious and spry lot, the world just don't make them like y'all anymore. Your a limited edition mate. Heal up, don't push yourself, you have nothing to prove that you haven't already time and again. Cheers to the mighty Gee Atherton!

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I know what you mean, but these guys have contracts and obligations, and I'm betting red bull is the one paying for all those medical costs.

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The helmet cam wasnt that bad since you don't here him scream or anything. Those are the things that haunt you. And they edited it to not show the full impact, which I'm fine with. People watched the Faces of Death videos when I was in college and that was awful. I'll never forget what I saw before I left the room. Good to know he has breaks that will heal for the most part. Seen two femurs snapped and both guys were ridiculously calm. Hope he heals clean and free of brain fog.

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Yea, I never understood watching that stuff. I had friends who would put it on back in the day and it was just uncomfortable. Once they got on that stuff I'd just leave the room or go home.

Good for Gee but I also hope he's ok. I remember taking a bit hit and pushing to get back on the bike and it just made it worse. Of course I didn't have a red bull physio team so what so i know.

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For real... I'm just reading comments, not pushing play on that one... Glad Gee made it

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Man, that was super ward to watch. All things considered, he's lucky to not have a life changing injury.

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My god. Like many, I think Gee is superhuman, made of something most of us are not...but he also works so hard at it, the mental game even in a recovery mode with him is impressive. That was horrible to watch. Wishing him well. He does not say much in regards to the concussive effects, we can only assume, but glad he's getting brain rest during this recover time.

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