GT's New Carbon Enduro Bike? 7

GT put up this teaser video which seems to be showing off their new carbon trail/enduro bike. We'll find out on June 18. While we can't say for sure, we're guessing it is based off of Dan Atherton's 650b aluminum mule (pictured below) that he raced at the first Enduro World Series Race.

Credit: GT Bicycles
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  • Big Bird

    6/3/2013 7:29 PM

    At the end of the vid there were two bikes. Perhaps there will be two different wheel size options of the same frame available? And I'm pretty sure that the still above IS Dan's from last week.

  • bloghogs

    6/3/2013 7:00 PM

    Ah cheer up guy's.It's probably just another bike they splatter all over their catalogs and the net,then wont sell to people.
    Ignore them until they go away.It's corprate policy

  • Capricorn

    6/3/2013 2:06 PM

    looks like a carbon version of the alu proto piece of hideousness that Dan has recently been riding.

  • syngltrkmnd

    6/3/2013 12:56 PM

    It's no beauty queen but the still above looks better than Atherton's bike did last week.

  • kmak

    6/3/2013 12:19 PM

    Darkness is its friend... got beat down with the ugly stick... poor thing.

  • dirty booger

    6/3/2013 11:11 AM

    If it looks as hideous as that prototype, they better leave it in the shadows!

  • JonnyC

    6/3/2013 10:21 AM


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