From Where We Stand Episode 4: Newark, DE

For our 4th and final installment, we find ourselves at the end of our journey and in Newark, Delware. Why, of all places, would we choose to film a mountain bike segment in one of the flattest states in the union? Because trail love exists everywhere; sometimes ya have mountains and sometimes ya don't. What Delaware lacks in vertical diversity it more than makes up for with delicious and flowy trail systems. White Clay Creek State Park and Middle Run County Park adjoin to create some of the fastest and most scenic trail networks in the mid-Atlantic. This setting would prove to be perfect for our homage to the east coast community as we invited a number of riders to be a part of our final day of production and the final episode of the series.

Seamus Powell, Cam Nyguist, Gerry Creighton, several of the Trail Spinners showed up to shred as well as return visits from Paul Dotsenko, Matt Miller and Brice Shirbach. Episode 4 starts in Delaware and finishes with a bit of everything; all of the sunsets, final rides and high-fives from throughout the series. There's a prevailing message throughout and it's at it's most poignant here. Bikes are awesome and regardless of your skill-set or the terrain you're on, they're best enjoyed in the company of others. And like any good day on a bike with friends, we cap things off around a fire pit with some tacos, a few beers and plenty of stories. Now go ride your bike...and don't forget to smile.

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