Fresh Ingredients - Mavic Trans-Provence 2013 Trail Scouting 1

Itinerary scouting for the Mavic Trans-Provence Enduro race starts every Spring as soon as the trails are clear of snow. Enduro racing through a wilderness environment is arguably the purest form of mountain biking discovery. Here is how we the organizers go about providing the geographical part of that experience.

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  • Scott_Townes

    4/2/2013 7:57 AM

    The idea of blind racing is probably the best idea. It sucks when one rider has the advantage because they were able to take a few extra days to memorize every line on the course... although I think that'd be impossible anyways with the Trans-Province, haha. It's a lame reason but even without that, I just really enjoy the idea that everyone going down doesn't know exactly what's ahead of them and that the trails are "fresh" year after year. These guys are gettin it done!

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