Evil Bikes - Rental Car challenge! 7

*this is not endorsed or encouraged by VitalMTB in any way, shape, or form*

The boys at Evil Bikes set up camp about 40 minutes from Bromont at the World Cup. The plus side to this? They found a bridge with a solid lip on the way to the mountain.

Credit: Lucent Productions
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  • proposition joe

    8/28/2009 8:19 AM

    Too bad Roger, Jimmy or Smitty from the Romic days weren't there to clear the entire bridge and land with it in reverse just for thehell of it. Those guys knew how to throw down on a rental car, just ask David K, Quinton or the old Turner Honda team, LOL!

  • ska todd

    8/27/2009 10:26 PM

    shocks were pretty well and blown on that thing after they rallied it that week. bromont area has some great dirt roads.

  • LukeD

    8/27/2009 10:22 PM

    no biggie. i've done and seen a lot worse with rentals. you have to return that sucker on a flat bed

  • notnA

    8/27/2009 12:16 PM


  • ska todd

    8/27/2009 11:26 AM

    Ironically, I make the "to be safe we put Matti in the van" comment and then he's the one who breaks himself off in his race run.

  • ccambern

    8/27/2009 11:24 AM

    To awesome, the way rental cars were designed to be treated.

  • sspomer

    8/27/2009 11:14 AM

    so rich! "just to be safe, we didn't put matti in the car so if they do wad it up, we have one professional athelete to race downhill."

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