Desert Vacation: Agassiz, Brown, Storch and Vanderham Unwind in Utah

After a long season of travel for races, film projects, and competition, Dakine riders Graham Agassiz, Casey Brown, Carson Storch, and Thomas Vanderham had one last location on their hit list late in 2017—the twisted desert terrain of Southwest Utah.

Like many of the 4.5 million people that pass through this area each year on their way to Zion National Park, these riders have come to the desert to be in awe of the natural surroundings. Unlike the masses however, the Dakine crew’s idea of a good time involves riding down puckering descents, boosting big kickers, and hitting road gaps. Take a trip with the Dakine team as they enjoy a desert vacation.

Credit: Dakine // Tyler Malay // Photos: Alex Erickson // Mike Artz

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