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Danny MacAskill Gets #DownrightDirty 5

There are times in a MTBer's year where the weather is so bad it's good. Teeming with rain and blowing a hoolie. Is that a bit of driving sleet? Stuff your dusty trails and tan lines. We’re heading out anyway, just like Danny and Stu...

For you kids out there that just love to get #DownrightDirty!

Shop Danny's waterproof onesie:

Credit: Endura

iceman2058 iceman2058 10/9/2018 8:13 AM

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This will sound probably silly (even to me) but Dany, you killed a young pine tree. Years of effort, just smashed for a funny (promotional) video.

Happens every day and we all did it as mountainbiker, hiker, skier... at some point(s) in our life and equaly as unintentionally. But I don't know why, this time it just didn't felt right and I had to post something about it (and even register). I may be growing a strong "nature awareness" conscience. Who knows.

That's all. smile

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Haha good one ! :D
No, no horse involved, thank you. But if you could find me a shield for all the bs comments I'm gonna get, feel free !

Just take (or don't) what I wrote as another pointless remark on the internet. I just shared my feelings, as you all do here. Not more, not less.

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I grew up in Southern California and did running races as a kid. But the only time that I'd ever actually run outside of a race was when it would rain and I'd go out mostly as an excuse to splash in puddles.

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