Dan Atherton Back on the Bike 12

Dan Atherton getting back on it, shredding dirt jumps in New Zealand. YES!!!

Credit: Contour HD / The Athertons
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  • Cobra Panda

    4/7/2011 8:25 AM

    that was an awkward hand gesture Sven was making at the end. or was it?

  • iceman2058

    4/6/2011 10:30 PM

    I can't watch it embedded either, don't know why...(it happens with the Contour site embedded videos for me all the time on Vital...). You can watch it on their site directly if you also have the problem: http://contour.com/stories/dan-athertons-first-day-back-on-the-dirt-jumps

    Sick to see Dan back on it!

  • drinkbeerdaily

    4/6/2011 9:34 PM

    Those jumps look amazing.

  • lacykemp

    4/6/2011 8:21 PM

    @nmullen25 try using a different browser maybe?

  • big b

    4/6/2011 8:20 PM

    Awesome to see him back on his bike!!

  • lawn dart

    4/6/2011 7:57 PM

    the smile on his face at the end of the clip says a lot. a big, big second chance. that said, i'd have expected to see a leatt.

  • Special-K

    4/6/2011 7:51 PM

    I swore Dan mentioned, in a post-injury interview, an intention to wear a brace whenever he was riding DJ's/DH/DS.

  • nmullen25

    4/6/2011 6:56 PM

    i cant watch it, any idea why?

  • tarka

    4/6/2011 4:05 PM

    Gorge road jumps.... so amazing.

  • sideshow

    4/6/2011 4:01 PM


  • domino0

    4/6/2011 1:33 PM

    Nice one Dan! Glad to see you back. Surely though you would have learned that DJing is just as dangerous as DH?

  • lacykemp

    4/6/2011 1:31 PM

    Heck yes is right! Welcome back Dan!

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