Classic Hans Rey in Pacific Blue TV Show 9

"He thinks he's God's gift to biking." CLASSIC. Danny Mac, take note, LOL. Spin Wheels, Swatch Watches, it was a great time to be Hans.

Credit: TV
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  • Scott_Townes

    1/21/2012 6:34 PM

    Hans Rey is legend.

  • Pininator

    1/21/2012 11:00 AM

    No doubt on the bike sounds...sounds like they're dropping a box of broken light-bulbs!

  • Storge

    1/21/2012 10:19 AM

    "Ok Mr. Prince: You like ze wheelies, let's more interesting make it!" LOL

  • dustboy

    1/21/2012 9:49 AM

    Wonder who was the stunt double for Victor? Also, how many of us have gotten tickets for the same riding that the "cop" was doing?

  • iceman2058

    1/21/2012 6:34 AM

    "you have precise also to be".

    So this is what became of Yoda in the next life? Jedi powers would explain a lot.

  • LaBourde

    1/21/2012 3:54 AM

    I love the sounds of his bike !

  • bloghogs

    1/20/2012 7:09 PM

    Hans Rey is god.

  • FlowyMcFlowerton

    1/20/2012 5:55 PM

    Awesome footage, love the yellow Spins......still have some of the black ones in my basement. And a GT Mod bike. Man I'm old.

  • k.shiz

    1/20/2012 4:55 PM

    I never caught this in broadcast but I think it was included in the VHS copy of Big Five. Awesome.

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