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Charlie Harrison Wrecking Shop in SoCal | Locals Ep. 11

11 episodes in and the fun isn't stopping! This week’s Locals is spotlighted on the blossoming young racer, Charlie Harrison. We’ve seen Chuck grow from a little moto-grom into the pinned pro racer he is today. With Charlie always looking to shave seconds and ride wide open, it was a task to keep the lens locked on his blistering pace. Living in Mission Viejo, he has a wide range of trail networks he can tap into. We chased him down his favorite off-season training grounds for this week's video.

At a mere 18-years-old, Chuck is showing poise and race maturity far beyond his years. His calm and cool nature translates beautifully into his racing. His riding is so smooth it's deceiving to watch from the side of the track. But when you hop in for a train you realize, dear lord this kid is on rails! The speed he carries from section to section, efficiently attacking every aspect of a course, is a pace that very few can hold onto for a full run without blowing up. This ability to carry speed everywhere has been putting Chucky on the top-step. Having won National Champs in both the 15-16 and 17-18 class, he’s earned his spot as one of America’s brightest up and comers. He further drove home that point by taking the Jr overall title for the Pro GRT National series. Last season he also took a crack at World Cup racing in the Jr class and ended up walking away with top 5’s at both events he attended. Apparently he has to wear sunglasses at all times cause his future's so bright. This season Charlie is taking on some more World Cups. Although he just had a crash at Fort Bill, he is looking for redemption at Lenzerheide and MSA.

Chuck’s parents did it right. They got him on two wheels super early. It's no wonder he is killing it at such young age since his first moto race was at age 5. Charlie continued to race moto for 8 years until he met Rich Houseman. For 2011 Houseman put together a powerhouse team and took the junior race scene by force. Charlie, being gone of the youngest riders on the team, had a ton of fast riders to chase and awesome mentors. He started his career at the Fontana Winter Series and has continued to race the full series every year since. This past winter was his first year in Pro and he managed to snag the overall from the multi year reigning champ. It’s awesome to see him sticking to his roots even as his speed grows and takes him all around the world.

Harrison’s work ethic is second to none. The kid trains day in and day out, grinding for his dream. He trains with Ben Clark out of the Rockwell training gym. Working out of this facility means his workout partners are the likes of Aaron Gwin and top supercross racers (not to mention some monster girls too!). Seeing bad dudes like that every time you show up to sweat definitely removes all doubt in your mind that you should be training another way or somewhere else. It’s hard to work at something if you don't believe in it 100% but with the results pumping out of the gym there's no questioning the methods.

Although race season can be extremely taxing, Charlie knows how to let loose in the off-season and put racing to the side. He takes a step away from the DH rig and gets rowdy every other way he knows how. From surfing and skim boarding to getting nasty on a 20", Chuck throws down. Harrison even spends a good amount of time at the moto track twisting throttle. Diversifying your shred keeps things fun and fresh. It’s what you gotta do to keep your passion fiery! Charlie is well on his way to being a well rounded athlete and we couldn't be more proud to be helping him along the way!

Credit: Suspended Productions​

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