Cane Creek's US Gravity National Championships Course Preview 10

Watch Cane Creek's own Cat 1 Rider (soon to be Pro) Brandon Blakely shred down a fresh Pro/Cat 1 course on Day 1 practice of the US Gravity National Championships at Beech Mountain Resort. Rip it Brandon and we'll see you on the podium on Sunday!

Credit: Dirt Passion & Brandon Blakely - Cane Creek
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  • David_Johnson

    7/21/2012 3:16 PM

    I enjoyed all 8 pixels of this video.

    For real though, good course preview!

  • Big Bird

    7/21/2012 8:23 AM

    I was just thinking about Park City recently. How it used to be "The bad assed track" when it first showed up on the Norba calender. How about Park City as a US World Cup venue?

  • Indain Chief Productions

    7/20/2012 8:28 PM

    what happend to the good ol tracks we had back in nam... im talkin old school vermont, windham first year they held a race there, old school aspen colorado, idaho, park city utah..... i feel like everythings so dam flat now...

  • Dirt-Passion

    7/20/2012 2:58 PM

    First, our apologies for the poor quality vid... this whole region was experiencing internet problems. Service was down in the media center all day yesterday and at our rental house. We had to compress it to get it to load. Also, this was Brandon's first run of the day on Thursday practice right at noon. We just wanted to get a vid up and running, so this is not a balls out top to bottom run. We prob won't see those until tomorrow. Thanks to Vital for the opp of the vid on the news reel!

  • sspomer

    7/20/2012 3:16 PM

    no reason to apologize, i know we're just stoked to see the action, so keep it comin'!

  • Josh_Swanke

    7/20/2012 12:32 PM

    Angel Fire next year ....sweet. No fire roads please

  • Pininator

    7/20/2012 11:21 AM

    Sick looking course - good variety!

  • Scrub

    7/20/2012 11:18 AM

    Thats a short course

  • sspomer

    7/20/2012 12:00 PM

    he starts at about 36 seconds and finishes at about 3:30 and change. 3 minutes for cat 1 is decent length. i personally like the action and tight racing that happens on a short course. angel fire next year will make up for it : )

  • Scrub

    7/20/2012 12:42 PM

    Yeah I too like the tight courses where you need to be at full tilt with no mistakes to have a decent time. From this video he looks like he was just cruising and checking out lines as opposed to a full pull run, with that said this course is gonna be short and quick at full race speed in the current video conditions. 2:30's for Pro mens times is my guess w/o rain. Angel fire is gonna be a lung buster for sure, altitude and long courses.

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