Cam McCaul vs Rage Against the Machine Bassist in a Dirt Jump Trick Off! 11

Is this the sickest ever or what? Cam McCaul and Rage Against the Machine Bassist, Tim Commerford, battle it out in a trick off in between jam sessions on their instruments. HELL YES!

Credit: Sage
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  • Jamie Goldman

    2/8/2014 9:21 AM


  • iceman2058

    2/8/2014 12:14 AM


  • Mfro

    2/7/2014 10:34 PM

    TC: "According to my calculations, I just won me a new set of wheels man..........." hey McCaul, give me the bike!
    CM: F#%k you I won't do what ya tell me!

  • daniel1928

    2/7/2014 10:32 PM

    As if flying V shaped guitars weren't already ugly enough... Putting good use to an old frame though.

  • gregory.mackenzie

    2/7/2014 8:45 PM

    Two Trek Y bikes died for this video...

  • bturman

    2/8/2014 9:18 AM

  • sideshow

    2/8/2014 4:35 PM

    That's pretty badass.

  • S_Bellicitti

    2/7/2014 8:17 PM

    The instrumental was rad but was that really the guy or just cam doing those?

  • Big Bird

    2/8/2014 8:20 AM

    I have a feeling there were some costume changes involved.

  • sideshow

    2/7/2014 7:44 PM

    Y'know what, that was pretty cool. Can't beat some great riding with a Rage soundtrack.

  • paulgenovese

    2/7/2014 7:42 PM

    I don't really know what I just watched but that was awesome

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