CRASH VIDEO: Gee Atherton Hits the Trees at Mont Sainte Anne 16

HOLY CRAP! Gee Atherton, hauling complete ass in practice at Mont Sainte Anne, blowing a corner and heading straight into the trees! Makes his run on race day that much more spectacular knowing this happened earlier. WOW. #icethosenuts

Credit: Atherton Racing
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  • mrpowerjd

    8/13/2013 8:18 PM

    I've made that sound after crashes before. My last crash took a shot just below the waist from my steer tube above the stem. Way to smash out a run after a whipper like that! Yeeoww!

  • buttbongo

    8/13/2013 5:18 AM

    Ehhy mate welcome to the east coast. Looks like you cracked the queens royal jewels bloke! Think every rider was crashing in practice this time. Gee and Racheal taking some big lumps with their tea ehhh!

  • onenerdykid*

    8/13/2013 1:35 AM

    watching the clip: ok, Gee is going fast, now Gee is in a corner, and now Gee is in the woods.... that berm totally collapsed. Scary. I mean luckily he found smaller saplings/brush and not a fully grown maple.

  • Pininator

    8/12/2013 11:14 PM

    That is the #1 reason I rock a stem pad. That was scary as hell - I've had to do inventory down there a few times...that brought back some painful memories.

    And to actually be able to race finals and finish within a second of the win is just mental.

  • Big Bird

    8/12/2013 11:23 PM

    I used to rock a full BMX pad set (Schwinn bass boat gold.) on the front of my downhill bike. Top tube pad where it should be, stem pad where it should be and the cross bar pad cut in half, wrapped around either side of the top triple clamp.

  • Josh_Swanke

    8/12/2013 5:24 PM

    OMFG!! F$&k you, you worthless berm. If you can't hold Gees race speed what good are you. You should be flattened and rebuilt be people who know what they're doing. I hate you.

  • Scott_Townes

    8/12/2013 5:08 PM

    good lord... wasn't that coming off the fastest spot on the track?

  • Nathan_Guerra

    8/12/2013 9:59 PM

    For sure, that is the fastest stretch of dirt I have ever ridden, insane!

  • taka

    8/12/2013 5:02 PM

    I wish somebody write something about that Josh failed Enve Rims.

  • OCsponger587

    8/12/2013 5:32 PM

    wtf are u talking about? josh broke some spokes not a rim and gee almost died here. your in the wrong place

  • filthyanimal

    8/12/2013 4:44 PM

    Its a dangerous sport...

  • steve.dallas007

    8/12/2013 3:39 PM

    Ok, can someone tell me why he pulled his pants down???
    Usually the first thing I do is rip off my helmet so I can breath better.
    Never occurred to me to drop trow.
    Did he hit the family jewels?

  • canadmos

    8/12/2013 4:15 PM

    If it was me, I'd be checking for a big brown log in the pants.

    Looks like he almost skewered those brass lugs of his.

  • neimbc

    8/12/2013 4:20 PM

    Word is he felt he blew out a nut. Holy shit - and he came back to race - nothing blocks his focus! Gee is superman!

  • steve.dallas007

    8/12/2013 4:50 PM

    It hurts me just thinking about it!

  • canadmos

    8/12/2013 3:01 PM

    Gnarly dude.

    .....and saved by the visor.

    Props on that wild manual at speed during your race run!!!

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