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CARNAGE! 32 Muddy Crashes at the Fort William World Cup 12

When things get this slippery, even the best in the world have trouble staying upright!

Want more? Watch the race day recap slideshow, then get your RAW video fix.


Calin Wynne // Downhill Memes

bturman bturman 6/8/2015 12:24 PM

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POOR GRAEME...... HOLY FUCK.. what a header... AND TALK ABOUT BOMBHOLES AND RUTS... and a MUCH better view of that section than red bull !!!!!!!!!

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Video unavailable... According to FaceBook? What do they have to do with my video? We're not going that way are we Vital?

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Works best when viewed on the desktop site. Click this link if you're having problems:,29019/bturman,109?mobile=false

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It finally worked. Thanks. There are a couple of gnarly crotch rides in there. I love how it ends with Tracy cleaning it.

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Well, holy hell! I am now even more impressed with how riders like Minnaar got through there so clean. Most of the people crashing here probably ride 10x better than me and it looks disgustingly difficult. Yeah that guy at the start should just have called it, you have to know when to quit.

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you can hear the first guy hit his head on a rock. im guessing by his dazed state he suffered a concussion?? i wish he was just taken off course and was not allowed to get back on his bike. brutal.

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A serious concussion... I feel bad watching him agonized. He wrote on instagram: "...I know I crashed yesterday in qualifying but don't ask me for any fine details or how I finished my run." -Graeme Mudd #97

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