Brendan Fairclough and Curtis Keene in Santa Cruz 12

Brendan Fairclough and Curtis Keene go out for an XC ride in Santa Cruz on the new Sram 2X10. This isn't your average XC ride though.

Credit: Sagerian Media/Sram
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  • WAKi

    4/29/2010 3:58 AM

    What's funny is that these guys are shredding trails on trail-bikes faster than most ppl on DH bikes

  • monoraillcat

    4/29/2010 12:13 AM

    This gets me more stoked than the same dudes tearing it up on the big bikes. Little bikes FTW.

  • scn

    4/28/2010 8:31 AM

    Song is "Press Gang" by The Murder City Devils

  • lawn dart

    4/28/2010 5:31 AM

    A lot of good music in these vids. Anyone know who the band is on this one? There's no credit. Sounds like a cross between the Doors and Danzig.

  • Indain Chief Productions

    4/27/2010 6:12 PM

    fairclough slayed babies up front.

  • trailripper

    4/27/2010 5:16 PM

    both on stumpy's.

  • doconnor

    4/27/2010 5:07 PM

    stumpjumper or enduro? looked like stumpjumper but not sure

  • Sean

    4/27/2010 4:31 PM

    its weird riding those trails w/ a dh bike then riding them w/ an xc bike. such a different feeling

  • Pwest

    4/27/2010 4:27 PM

    looks fresh

  • kev1n

    4/27/2010 3:37 PM

    its funny because these guys are shredding trails most people ride with DH bikes...

  • foxrider18

    4/27/2010 2:32 PM


  • thevish

    4/27/2010 2:12 PM

    looks more like an all mountain ride to me.
    sick none the less!

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