Bogus Basin to Boise Bike Park With Andrew Taylor 3

Home. Not many of us really get to say that word and feel it from our soul. Home. A four-letter word to some, but not to FSA and especially not to Andrew. We are both rooted in the northwest and have the ability to ride everywhere and come home to something familiar, safe, comfortable. Home is where the dirt is best. Home is where life begins and thrives. Home is where we stay rooted.

"After living on the road for a few years and riding in all 50 states, I was finally ready to settle down and find a place to call home. With so many awesome riding communities throughout the US, it wasn't an easy decision, but in the end, I landed in Boise, Idaho. Since then I've had a lot of friends ask "of all the places you visited, why Boise?", so I've teamed up with FSA and Definition Films to give a little glimpse of what drew me to this amazing area. Come along for the ride!" - Andrew Taylor

Credit: Andrew Taylor // FSA

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