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Beautiful Idiot 4

Brett Rheeder takes the ride of his life in Beautiful Idiot.

What inspires an athlete, an artist, or an entrepreneur to choose a harder path through life, towards greatness? What keeps them motivated? And what happens after they reach a goal that has given them purpose for so long? In Beautiful Idiot— a short film featuring professional freeride mountain bike rider Brett Rheeder — directors Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson, film studio Grain, and cinematographer Liam Mullany explore the connections between achievements, failures, and personal identity.

The journey through an overachiever’s mind plays out on-screen as a visually stunning series of rides by Rheeder, set against a backdrop of western Canadian scenery that includes Tofino and the Okanagan Valley.

Rheeder was a 2013 Munich X-Games Slopestyle Gold Medalist and won the 2016 Red Bull Joyride in Whistler.

Directed by - Harrison Mendel and Robb Thompson
Written by - Anders J. Svensson
Featuring - Brett Rheeder
With - Elliot Friesen and Austin Friesen
Produced by - GRAIN and Harrison Mendel
Executive Producers - Dustin Brady, Andrew Shandro, Robb Thompson, Steve Seeley, Kent Toth, Brett Rheeder and Harrison Mendel

Director of Photography - Harrison Mendel
Principle Cinematographer - Liam Mullany
Additional Cinematography - Seger Nelson and Brody Jones
Editors - Harrison Mendel and Shelley Fried
Colorist - Steve Seeley
VFX - Calvin Sun
Title Design - Shelley Fried
Music Composer - Windmills, Cory Myraas, Mitch Lee
Sound Design and Mix - Mitch Lee and Taylor Richardson
VO - Brad Avenyou

Special Thanks -

David Chambers
Gloria Miller

Terran Wright
John Wright

Silver Star Bike Park
Cam Sorenson
Brad Baker
Oscar Gordon
Phil Gaudette
Snowbird Lodge

Skyride Bike Shop
Terence Geisbrecht

Bike Mag
Nicole Formosa
Anthony Smith
Will Ritchie

Clif Bar
Bryan Cole

Nor-val Rentals

Tony Friesen
Monica Friesen

BX Press

Builders -

LOFT Bike Parks
Dustin Gilding
Austin Davignon
Alexander Chisholme

Silver Star Bike Park
Cam Sorenson
Jason Martin
Ben Byers

Ben Schlieth
Matt Dennis
Noah Brousseau
Ben Imrich
Logan Imrich

Matt Macduff
Corbin Selfe
Bryan Sciuk
Brett Rheeder
Simon Mclaine
Liam Mullany
Harrison Mendel
Robb Thompson
Jeremy Wiess
Seger Nelson

Credit: Beautiful Idiot

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Sick riding, but it’s too bad all those slowmo shots from crankworks rotorura broadcast obviously went to his head. Who names a video about how beautiful they are?

Jokes aside, obviously sick riding and filming, narration/ moody beach shots seemed a little silly to me but can’t complain too much about cool free content

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That was all very inspirational and all, and I'm not just saying this to be a dick. But the next mountain that you need to climb is doing that disappointing second place interview. Nobody likes to do it. But everybody needs to. Even you.

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That may be the PC thing to do, but he's got nobody to answer to but himself. His sponsors will support him or not, his friends will support him or not, fans will support him or not, but in the end, if he's bummed, or psyched, I'm happy to see that, not all sunshine and rainbows.

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No one asked for sunshine and rainbows, just the post contest interview that he signed up for. Like I said, I was never trying to be the dick.

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