Antoine Bizet is Already Charging at Rampage 2

Virgin, UTAH — "I'm going to train as much as possible," says Red Bull Rampage 2012 runner-up Antoine Bizet, "to have it dialed — and go fast. Fast and furious."

Bizet may kid with the silly movie reference, but his approach to Rampage 2016 is no joke.

On the first day of practice, Bizet was the only one of 21 riders to ride — with one exception: A lone Brandon Semenuk was seen for a brief moment just before dusk kicking up dust on a bike, although not riding any consequential features of his line.

Tune in to Red Bull TV on Oct. 14 to Rampage finals live and see Bizet go for gold.

Famously, Bizet had an amazing performance at Rampage 2015 with a run that many felt could have won had he not crashed attempting a double backflip for his final trick — in 2016, Bizet will be looking to improve on his career-best silver medal at Rampage...

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Credit: Red Bull

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