Andrew Whiteford Tests Out the GoPro HD Hero 3 9

Other than the sweet GoPro promo video and a few random Youtube uploads, we've yet to see any test footage from GoPro's new HD Hero 3. It looks like Andrew Whiteford was quick to get one and hit the trails, even though it was snowing. Here's what Andrew had to say: "The lonely (g)narwhal rides again! I was really psyched to try out the new cam. I had time to get a quick ride in on the 23rd and a hot lap around Antelope Flats and Moose-Wilson on the 24th. Looking forward to some worthy adventures!"

Credit: Andrew Whiteford
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  • Morpheous

    10/29/2012 1:15 PM

    Superb, thanks for posting. Love the winter riding, great camera angle as well, dedicated rider. Stoked.

  • Dub

    10/26/2012 8:04 AM

    Yo! Thanks for posting this up, B! So, obviously I play around with POV clips, but I'm also trying to learn the best workflow/ teach myself how to make stuff look good. The first shot (snow falling) was 720p/120fps. The rest were either 2k/30fps or 1440p/48fps. I had "ProTune" on for all the shots. I trimmed, conformed, and used some of the "looks" available in Cineform before moving to the FCP timeline. I should have taken the time to brighten things up- the darkness really increased through the stages of compression leading to the vid posted...
    A couple years ago I saw another vid on Vital that prompted me to try it out: Vish Matepi's vid: lead to mine:, which was cool...but an aluminum pole bolted to the helmet was juuuust a little too sketchy for my taste.
    Dave Trumpore had another similar vid, and his gave me the idea for the beer counterweight...
    I'll post a pic of how I mounted this one up when I get a minute.

  • iceman2058

    10/26/2012 6:49 AM

    Shredding! And the vid looks great too.

  • Gope

    10/26/2012 2:50 AM

    That is just amazing. What did you use for attaching the camera? The perspective is awesome!

  • drakChe

    10/26/2012 2:57 AM

    Unicorn mount. (Or narwhal, what ever you prefer to call it)

  • Gope

    10/26/2012 3:26 AM

    Thanks, that really helped finding some information on it!

  • general lee

    10/28/2012 1:06 AM

    Beer can counterweight is the way to go. Looks like you used a muck longer pole that I did on the older video, mostly because I was afraid of unicorning a Bromont tree. Dug up the only pic I could find of my setup. Used some flexible metal weather stripping from home depot that I moulded ear to ear on the helmet and held in place with some gaffer tape. Put a bolt through one of the holes at the top and drilled a matching hole in the PVC tube, that way I could have the mount on the helmet but could take to pole on and off easily with a wing-nut. It also allowed for easy changes to the orientation of the pole since I could loosen the nut, turn the pole, and tighten it down again for a different perspective. Definitely a unique angle, but it's tough to ride with and in my case the camera was right in my like of sigt so at any decent speed I found myself trying to look around it which is impossible. . . this may have wisely helped keep the riding dialed back and a bit more in control. Nice work A-Dub, going to have to add the GoPro to my list of new camera toys this winter.

  • bturman

    10/26/2012 3:35 AM

    Andrew's setup. Note the PBR can as a counterweight.

  • bturman

    10/26/2012 2:18 AM

    Camera tap at 1:12. So dope!

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