Andes Pacifico Montenbaik Enduro 2014 2

With high altitude and incredible scenery, Chile is literally and metaphorically a breathtaking place. Andes Pacifico is an Mountain Bike Enduro race that last four days with liaisons and special stages that traverse Chile from East to West.

The Andes Pacifico mission is to show Chile along ancestral trails made ​​by cowboys and Indians from the Andes to the Pacific Ocean. The competition starts at 3550 meters and is travels westward over ten valleys of different geographies, landscapes and vegetation to reach the Pacific Ocean after 4 days and nearly 10,000 vertical meters of descending.

During these four days the riders will be challenged by very technical trails and physical difficulty, in remote and isolated areas where a good state of mind is one of the most needed traits to finish this competition.

That’s why Pacific Andes Enduro is limited to 80 riders which will be approved by the organization after submitting their application. So don't hang about - if you want a chance to take part in this unique event, head over to now!

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  • Verbl Kint

    9/18/2013 1:57 PM

    I hope we get coverage here or elsewhere. It's quite interesting that most of the 4 days will be spent on historic singletrack from the time of the Incas.

  • davetrumpore

    9/18/2013 2:46 PM

    @ Verbl Kint, I'm confirmed for the event, so you will have coverage

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