Aaron Gwin's Budget Toolbox Build

Aaron Gwin may be a factory World Cup downhill racer with a full-time mechanic at the races. However, when riding at home during the off-season, Aaron has to perform typical bike maintenance like the rest of us. Albeit, with the aid of master mechanic John Hall when more complex fixes are needed. While some riders go all-out with custom toolboxes complete with precision cut foam and expensive tools, Aaron takes a more practical approach, sourcing most of his tools from hardware stores. The tools might not be bike-specific or top-of-the-line quality, but they get the job done and are affordable. 

Have a listen to hear what tools Aaron finds essential for everyday riding, and let us know what tools you would add to his list!

Aaron Gwin's everyday toolbox essentials:

Tool Bag or Box Allen Wrenches Torx L Wrench (T25 Size) Diagonal Cutting Pliers Utility Knife Zip Ties Measuring Tape Sharpie Marker and Small Note Pad Shock Pump Tire Levers Tire Sealant Tire Pressure Gauge CO2 Refill Extra Tube Small Microfiber Towel Chain Breaker Spare Master Link Spare Shifter Cable Zip Lock Bags Spoke wrench Pliers Duct Tape/ Gorilla Tape
Credit: Aaron Gwin

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