A MTB Race for the History Books | Winning Runs from Mont-Saint-Anne

The 2022 UCI Mountain Bike Downhill World Cup race in Mont-Saint- Anne is going to the History Books! Why? Watch the video and you'll understand.

Top 5 Women: 

Vali Höll 4.56,012 Nina Hoffmann 4.59,159 Eleonora Farina 5.00,522 Jess Blewitt 5.11,908 Monika Hrastnik 5.12,210

Top 5 Men:

Finn Iles 4.11,717 Laurie Greenland 4.11,955 Troy Brosnan: 4.15,221 Aaron Gwin: 4.17,531  Bernard Kerr: 4.18,100

Credit: Red Bull

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