5DEV at the US Open with Neko Mulally 1

It all started with a random DM on Instagram. Only thing crazier than starting a MTB Components brand is starting a DH Frame brand. When Neko sent us a DM on Instagram in December 2021. We replied back... Sure, why not. We will give you cranks. Go behind the scenes of the with Frameworks at the US Open. Logan, Anxo and Neko. 5DEV Cranks survive a World Cup Season on a prototype frame.

Produced by: Will Talbott and Liam Donohue

Proudly made in San Diego, CA, 5DEV makes high-precision mountain bike and enduro components using CNC machines for unsurpassed durability. We manufacture all 5DEV products in-house from space-grade billet aluminum using patented tooling systems and efficient manufacturing processes. Managing the design and construction from start to finish, we deliver rider driven performance goods. 5DEV is a division of 5th Axis, a world leader in manufacturing complex components for the aerospace and medical industries. The Co Founders of 5thAxis/5DEV have been riding bikes since head angles were 71 degrees and bar ends were all the rage. Designed with the rider in mind, 5DEV's superior bike products allow enthusiasts of all experience levels to unlock their fullest potential.

Credit: Ride 5Dev

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