1996 Mont Sainte Anne World Cup Replay 5

Grundig / UCI 1996 Mont-Sainte Anne DH + XC World Cup by Eurosport

Mont-Sainte Anne has been the highlight of the World Cup for many years.In 1996, Anne Caroline Chausson was a seemingly unstoppable force. One woman, the World Champion Leigh Donovan dared to challenge her. In truth, the women's field was stacked with talents like Marla Streb, Missy Giove, and many more.

The men's field was as crowded as ever with Shaun Palmer, Steve Peat, Mike King, and Brian Lopes all gunning for the top spot. Of course, The Alien, Nicolas Vouilloz was a perennial threat to the top step.

Enjoy the racing and marvel at these riders' ability to navigate the terrifying bikes at such breakneck speeds.


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