YOU Chose Cam McCaul's Adventure 8

This past June 30th, you helped Cam McCaul have an epic day by choosing his activities through the Vital MTB and Teva Facebook pages. This is how that day went!

Credit: Brantley, Butters & gordo
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  • bigbrobbq

    7/10/2012 3:26 PM


  • LOC

    7/8/2012 3:23 PM

    hahaha poor sorge

  • TBubier

    7/7/2012 5:45 PM

    I thought this was going to be weird, but it was actually pretty rad. The cliff hanger to bar spin was bananas, would be nuts to see that on dirt.

  • Iggz

    7/7/2012 1:33 AM

    Only in Santa Cruz

  • sideshow

    7/6/2012 8:16 PM

    Entertaining. I like this format for a sponsor promotion, as well as perhaps a more frequent type of Vital video, considering the 17 Q's seem to be sparse right now.

  • Hittheshowers13

    7/6/2012 8:05 PM

    Highly entertaining.

  • Scott_Townes

    7/6/2012 12:42 PM

    cliff hanger to bar spin, haha what? he made that look way too easy. the prank call was hilarious also.

  • Big Bird

    7/6/2012 8:13 AM

    You can do anything backwards at the Freedom 40.

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