Why Does Loic Bruni's Suspension Work So Well? 13

Loic Bruni, your reigning downhill World Champion, has arguably the smoothest looking bike on the World Cup downhill circuit. There's something about the way his Specialized Demo tracks and sticks to the ground. So much so that even his competitors notice. Back in September, Vital's Johan Hjord asked him for some secrets into the ground-hugging setup. Loic and his mechanic Jack have been working with data acquistion for years and they have the high-tech systems nailed down for maximum efficiency. Ohlins is also a key component to the success of the bikes raced by Loic and Finn Iles. Listen to the World Champ discuss some of the details and watch him shred!
Credit: Interview by Johan Hjord
video footage by John Lawlor, Steel City Media, Creative Concept, Red Bull
photographs by Sven Martin, @maddogboris, Lee Trumpore, Dan Hearn

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