Vital RAW - Qualifying Craziness from Lourdes World Cup DH 13

We don't know if we feel worse for the riders or their bikes. Carnage.

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Credit: Steel City Media and Creative Concept TV
  • dust

    4/11/2016 2:11 PM

    brutal course

  • Capricorn

    4/10/2016 1:27 AM

    how's that inside line at 4:06. perfection!

  • judgerider68

    4/9/2016 7:41 PM

    i couldnt image riding that shit at speed !!!!!!! especially if some of the BEST are eating shit !!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALLLL at vital ( AS ALWAYS)for keeping my stoke level at an INSANE level for the first race of the season... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BEST ...HANDS DOWN !!!!!!!!

  • pancakeflatted

    4/9/2016 6:09 PM

    David Trummer's crash at 2:00 was huge.

  • chup29

    4/9/2016 5:01 PM

    fearons inside line was pretty schwifty

  • fershore

    4/9/2016 3:49 PM

    finn and brendog looking totally dialed, and long live the vx1k!

  • karoliusz

    4/9/2016 1:00 PM

    The guys with green plates are perfect examples of being a passenger on the bike

  • Bigburd

    4/9/2016 12:53 PM

    Toughest WC track around ?

    I used to thik it was Val di Sole but this place looks boarder line un-ridable

  • Roots_rider

    4/9/2016 5:07 PM

    You changed your avatar. I don't know who you are anymore....

  • Bigburd

    4/10/2016 7:37 AM

    I think you are confusing me with Bigbird, I'm Bigburd

  • Roots_rider

    4/10/2016 12:42 PM

    You are correct...realized that last night. My world realigned, haha

  • Ride12

    4/9/2016 12:37 PM


  • Scott_Townes

    4/9/2016 12:17 PM


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