Vital RAW - Lourdes World Cup Gnar 12

Just watch...

Credit: Steel City Media and Mono Bartlett
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  • krisrasmus

    4/11/2015 6:40 AM

    McDonald looking pinned

  • cmkneeland

    4/11/2015 3:05 AM

    Moar please!

  • bismojo

    4/10/2015 11:22 PM

    wowww.. the last huck2flat ISCG blasting is the place i want to be at, watching the finals... thanks vitalmtb for sick coverage!

  • bizutch

    4/10/2015 9:07 PM

    Bikes are going to break this weekend. Stay healthy riders....we need a complete season out of you bad arses!!!

  • russthedog

    4/10/2015 6:58 PM

    Holy moly! That last Huck looked rough!

  • CombatMutt

    4/10/2015 5:59 PM

    Diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig THAT!!!

  • sideshow

    4/10/2015 5:44 PM

    I love the sounds: rocks, roots, loose dirt getting's wayyyyy different from the tire and freehub buzz of SA we've become accustomed to from the past few years. Properly rugged.

  • easton

    4/10/2015 4:59 PM

    So freaking sick!!! Unbelievable

  • NoahColorado

    4/10/2015 4:58 PM

    I spy a broken chainguide.

  • kidwoo

    4/10/2015 7:50 PM

    Yeah that was an MRP wasn't it?

    I'm kidding. Don't flip out

  • Paul on Wheels

    4/10/2015 9:38 PM

    shimano I believe

  • exocet

    4/10/2015 4:52 PM

    I knew they'd be going fast...I just can't believe how fast. Unreal. That kicker to hip into the right hander at 1m36 looks so awkward

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