Vital RAW - Lenzerheide Day 2 11

The Lenzerheide DH course is no walk in the (bike) park. Watch the world's best downhillers pin it and bin it in today's Vital RAW.

Credit: Steel City Media and Creative Concept TV
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  • Nikolias

    7/11/2016 7:11 AM

    Wyn's commentary in the rock garden... HAHAHA

  • phillemaistre

    7/8/2016 8:19 PM

    Shooting/edit-wise, this is the best that VitalRAW has ever been. I love the new slomo bits too (just not too many, ok?) So lucky to watch this free content. Well done @steelcitymedia and @creativeconcept

  • Sean T

    7/8/2016 2:29 PM

    Troy is pushing hard!!!

  • mpqueiros

    7/8/2016 2:07 PM

    What is a GOAT in cow skin?...

  • Reformed Roadie

    7/8/2016 4:09 PM

    GOAT was wearing his normal gray o'Neil kit.

  • bizutch

    7/8/2016 6:29 PM

    Nope. Peaty is the greatest human to ride a DH bike ever. And by human, I mean the guy who has been at the pinnacle of the sport his whole life, all while partying harder than any other rider to date and yet at the same time being responsible for mentoring almost 2 full generations of riders and racers, fundraising, filming, and last but not least promoting the sport itself through events, sponsorships, started grassroots name it.

    Anything you can do FOR the sport of downhill, he's done it.

    GM has the race wins total, but Peaty is knighted.

  • Reformed Roadie

    7/9/2016 1:16 AM

    That's just like, your opinion, man...

    When all is said and done, Gwin most likely will be the GOAT.
    Legend, or Greatest Ambassador, sure.

  • Ride12

    7/9/2016 6:35 PM

    Gwin as ambassador, legend? Lay of the kool-aid buddy, except winning he's done slim to none for the sport itself.

  • Reformed Roadie

    7/9/2016 7:13 PM

    "Legend, or Greatest Ambassador, sure" was in reference to Peaty. Sorry if that wasn't clear.
    To me, Greatest of all time is based on results. The point of the whole thing is to be the fastest down the hill, right?
    Gwin has already matched him for WC wins, in WAAAY shorter a careeer, In his prime, Peaty was not winning as prolifically as Gwin.
    No one has even mentioned NIco and his run of World Championships.
    As far as drinking Kool-Aid...that might be the pot calling the kettle black.

  • Bigburd

    7/8/2016 2:02 PM

    Troy, you scared the shit out of me

  • Big Bird

    7/8/2016 4:03 PM

    Best check that helmet. The dirt will wash out.

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