Vital RAW - Failed Table Rock Attempts with BikerBrayd 4

Vital RAW

The mountain biking trails at Table Rock in Boise, Idaho, are full of technical challenges. Most riders get excited to just descend these tricky, rock-filled lines. Braydon Bringhurst thinks outside the box and pushes his bike-handling skills to the limit by trying to climb UP these razor sharp obstacles.

While filming for his Vital RAW, Braydon wasn't always successful at the climbing challenges, but he always kept trying. Soak up his determination, explosive power and creativity in his failed attempts video.

Braydon's full Vital RAW with all the successful makes premieres on July 22, 2020.

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In the video, Braydon rides a Canyon Spectral with ZIPP 3Zero Moto wheels, Maxxis tires (dual compound) and SRAM drivetrain.

Credit: gordo

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