Vital RAW - Australian National Round 3, Thredbo 9

Thredbo's classic downhill course featured primo conditions for local talent at the 3rd round of the Australian National series. Jared Graves made an appearance and finished 2nd in Elite Men while Troy Brosnan had a crash during practice that left him with a shoulder injury.

Elite Men's Top 10

  1. Graeme Mudd 4:38.72 
  2. Jared Graves 4:40.28
  3. Thomas Crimmins 4:42.75
  4. Timothy Eaton 4:44.20
  5. Jordan Prochyra 4:44.67
  6. Oliver Zwar 4:44.84
  7. Aiden Varley 4:45.12
  8. Joel Willis 4:46.00
  9. Ben Cory 4:46.39
  10. Joshua Button 4:46.64

Elite Women's Results

  1. Tegan Molloy 5:17.32 
  2. Danielle Beecroft 5:25.78
  3. Kellie Weinert 5:37.53
  4. Sarah Booth 5:40.69
  5. Michelle Crisp 5:49.67
  6. Victoria Armstrong 5:54.75
  7. Christel Dall'ozzo 6:10.19
Credit: Fektor
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  • AdamO

    2/9/2016 4:05 PM

    Even Tegan Molloy was looking deadly fast at 0:28. Love raws

  • Big Bird

    2/9/2016 3:20 PM

    So Drift Every Corner and Huck To Flat is the Aussie style of the day. Did anyone out there see the Red Bull Raw they posted the other day? Jimmie find it...

  • kev.1n

    2/9/2016 2:56 PM

    was that graves's breathing or just a very focused camera man?

  • mattstaggs

    2/11/2016 12:12 AM

    Yeah that was Graves.

  • nismo325

    2/9/2016 1:26 PM

    brosnan has been looking fast! hope that crash wasnt anything too major.

  • Bigburd

    2/9/2016 11:52 AM

    That big nose dive over shoot on the final jump is hero shit!

  • matmattmatthew

    2/9/2016 11:07 AM

    Dear Vital: Any chance we could get a back to back RAW video of current day RAW versus RAW of years ago?? I'm talking RAW previous to Carbon DH frame, Carbon wheels and Clutch Derailleurs. I would love to see the same rider back to back, or the same frame (different generations), or the same section of a track (if possible). It would be cool too see and hear how much bikes and riders have improved in the rough stuff in just 5-10 years.

  • sspomer

    2/9/2016 12:25 PM

    that could be rad. in the mean time dig in to the old #VitalRAW vids here -

  • bizutch

    2/10/2016 10:13 AM

    Accidentally hit a thumbs down on you Spomer. hah.
    As for old raw, I just showed the new generation at Billy Goat Bikes the video from 2005 & 2006 of Mt. Snow Yard Sale...ultimate raw.

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