VIDEO PIT BITS - Snowshoe World Cup Downhill 8

With the 2019 UCI Mountain Bike World Championships from Mont-Sainte-Anne in the history books, the World Cup downhill circuit heads to Snowshoe, West Virginia, for the last and final race of the season. MSA was brutal on the racers and their bikes, so team mechanics make sure the DH machines are ready for the rocky and slick Snowshoe course. Fork rebuilds, bearing changes, wheel truings - it all happens before the racers practice for the first time on Thursday.

John Hall, Aaron Gwin's mechanic, is excited to be back in the USA, Dean Lucas' mechanic has to fix a bent chainring from Dean's crash in MSA, the Norco Aurum HSP bikes get pivot overhauls, FOX and RockShox techs rebuild forks and shocks. It's all in there as we get ready for racing in the U.S.!

See the Snowshoe World Cup DH Course Preview with Neko Mulally and Dakotah Norton.
Credit: John Lawlor

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