Time Warp with Adam Craig - Phantom Camera Footage 10

Adam Craig puts you in the line of of slow-motion fire as he roosts a Phantom Miro camera at 1500 frames per second while filming for the 2014 Giant bike launch video.

Credit: Footage courtesy of Giant Bicycles
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  • Northwest

    9/25/2013 9:34 PM

    It's all about the track!

  • Pininator

    9/25/2013 8:52 PM

    I love me some chocolate milk!!

  • vtsingletrack

    9/25/2013 10:16 AM


  • sideshow

    9/25/2013 10:02 AM

    I'm stoked. I want to go smash puddles now. I'm going to go bike now.

  • kwdog

    9/25/2013 9:16 AM

    let's see that on a berm....

  • bstens

    9/25/2013 8:05 AM

    Man, all I want now is Schwalbe tires and a Giant! Thank god for this video!!

  • sspomer

    9/25/2013 8:51 AM

    man, i don't know what it is w/ all the marketing conspiracy lately, but the filmer showed me these clips months ago, before the giant video came out and i thought they were rad. i thought vital viewers would be stoked on them, so i asked if vital could run the clips in this format. the clips were not pushed on vital by any brand. that's it, that's all.

  • MW

    9/25/2013 9:59 AM

    I couldnt even tell what tires he was on, or cared. And we all know what bike brand he rides for but couldn't tell that either. Didnt seem at all like ad to me? I thought :40 was just an awesome image. This Vital viewer was stoked on it.Thanks sspomer

  • Shrockie

    9/25/2013 10:44 AM

    really cool how the tread pattern telegraphs out through the fan of the water. that's pretty fly! Thanks for sharing.

  • bstens

    9/25/2013 2:37 PM

    I'm just being a baby. Sorry Spomer.

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