Stund: Season 3, Episode 4 - Big Bikes in Big Mountains

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Episode 4 takes us from the Sunshine Coast to the alpine ridges and slopes of the Purcell Mountains for some true Freeriding.

Panorama Mountain Resort hooked us up for a few days while we shredded the mountain and found some super fast alpine single track. Once we had our fill we went on a search for some serious big mountain lines deep into valleys of the Purcell Mtn. range. Local legend and DropIn season 1 star Byron Grey joined us for a day of shredding in his back yard and keep us laughing the whole time.

It's a big mountain playground out there, just the way we like it! Spending some quality time on big bikes and doing some real freeriding. No trails, limitless options, ride how you wanna ride.


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Credit: Solos Productions / Matt Gorveatte / New Wave Cine

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