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Strength in Numbers - Whistler 3

Adam Billinghurst is a Whistler local and a featured rider in Anthill’s new film Strength In Numbers. Adam lives to ride the Whistler Bike Park and has done so for 13 years. His commitment to living his dream is an inspirational story that revolves around the park and a man’s love for his downhill bike. Last week, Anthill Filmmaker Jonathan Schramm asked Adam some questions to find out exactly… “Who is Adam Billinghurst?”

Question: Who is Adam Billinghurst? Where did you grow up? When did you start biking?
Answer: Adam Billinghurst is just some guy that rides bikes. From Bracebridge Ontario. Couldn’t ride a bike till I was 6. Started MTB at 12. Racing at 14.

Q: Why Whistler? When did you move out to Whistler?
A: I visited Whistler for 3 days when I was 16 to ski, decided it was the place for me to live. Moved here Sept 98.

Q: What has got you to where you are now?
A: Doing almost whatever I wanted has got me to where I am now.

Q: Why are you stoked on the life you live now?
A: I’m stoked on life because I live in paradise, have amazing people in my life, and I do what I love to do.

Q: What is your perspective on your future?
A: My future involves more biking, some ups, some downs, then death.

Q: What does it take for you to follow your dreams?
A: To follow your dreams you have to have them first.

Q: What advice would you give someone working towards his or her dream?
A: Just because you’ve found a dream to follow doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. If you love it enough you’ll keep doing it.

Q: Describe your bike?
A: My Session 9.9 is bicycle perfection. I watched it more than my TV for the first several weeks I had it.

Q: Describe the roll your bike plays in your life?
A: My bike plays the same role as oxygen in my life.

Q: What is a great day for you in the bike park?
A: A great day for me in the bike park is a full day of riding two days after a heavy rain followed by sun. Twenty degrees (Celsius!). Four pack of shredders. No line-ups. Riding as fast as I possibly can.

Q: How has it been having early access to the carbon session?
A: Getting the carbon Session 9.9 early was insane. People stared. It stopped conversations in the line up. It was like I was riding a carbon unicorn. After waiting for it to be built I was literally shaking with excitement. I got it and sprinted to the lift. I couldn’t wait to shred this rare machine. As the lifty unloaded my bike the chairlift stopped with me 10 feet away from the unloading zone. I instantly jumped off the lift to the ground and climbed up to get my bike and sprint to the trail. True story.

Q: Are you a happy person?
A: I am a happy person. I’m also a lucky person.

Strength in Numbers - an Anthill Films Production. Join Us. Spring 2012.

Credit: Anthill Films
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