Downhill Laps with Semenuk, T-Mac, Howard and KJ 34

Winter in NorCal is all about sunset Post Office dirt jump sessions. The locals and visitors get their DH shred on too. Tyler McCaul, Brandon Semenuk, Kyle Jameson and Ryan Howard get the wheels drifting in this banger!

Credit: Justin Brantley, Devin Schmitt
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  • ENorberg

    1/26/2011 7:14 PM

    so rad!!

  • maximumradness

    1/26/2011 12:59 AM

    thats a rad vid!

  • Atom

    1/25/2011 2:29 PM

    I'm goin to SC, I wanna ride that trail...wheresit@

  • Hansolo

    1/25/2011 1:17 PM

    What a sick trail!
    Serious shredding by some incredible riders!!
    Thanks for the rep R-Dog!

  • lawn dart

    1/25/2011 11:55 AM

    that dog is a pinner.

  • royalbomber

    1/25/2011 9:57 AM

    Sweet video! I can't believe how fast those guys shot down the end of that trail, that section is SOO steep and the 3 of them just ride it out the whole way

  • camdenthekid

    1/25/2011 9:01 AM

    just made me burn my breakfast ...

  • Peter Lucas

    1/25/2011 8:35 AM


  • JRAD

    1/25/2011 7:04 AM

    yaaaya bam bOOm,that's no bullshit SHRREEEDDD, Yo KJ you shouldn't ride so sober bro.

  • Acadian

    1/25/2011 6:02 AM

    rad dudes
    ill riding
    sick edit

    Gotta love NorCal

  • grantallen

    1/25/2011 4:18 AM

    Yeah cool as, looks like good times!

  • Ömer_Külak

    1/25/2011 3:30 AM

    It's perfect

  • aj-monkey

    1/24/2011 10:58 PM

    SO GOOD. Makes me wanna ride with the crew soooo bad.

  • easton

    1/24/2011 9:35 PM

    God damn. Just realized I miss biking.

  • Condro

    1/24/2011 9:22 PM

    I'll give it two comments... This gets me hyped to ride!

  • Condro

    1/24/2011 9:17 PM

    So dope Brantley. Looks good in SC right now...

  • swatpilot85

    1/24/2011 6:31 PM

    AWESOME MAAN! WATCH SEMENUK TWISTING AND TURNING! most stylish rider on 26 up to date, in whatever he does! luv it!!!! great video, again))

  • Howey

    1/24/2011 5:21 PM

    banger video! trails look soo funn

  • quasibinaer

    1/24/2011 5:19 PM

    Okay, it´s official, I´m moving to NorCal. Spending winter in central europe just isn´t an option anymore after seeing this. Jeeeez.

  • bturman

    1/24/2011 3:09 PM

    KJ's crash was awesome. Thought the camera was gonna get taken out for sure.

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