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SVEN MARTIN VS. MADEIRA - Enduro World Series Stage Mash-up Comedy 8

The Silverback holds his tongue better than Seager holds his line on the stages of the Madeira, Portugal, Enduro World Series. Good times!

Credit: Sven Martin / Lee Trumpore

sspomer sspomer 5/11/2017 4:32 PM

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Not sure why, but for the past few weeks (months?
) when I try and watch Vital videos on my phone, they play in super low resolution, even I'm on WiFi and click the that option. Makes them pretty much unwatchable.

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No wonder Sam went enduro. That looks way more rad than anything on the DH circuit.

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So good Sven. Keep em coming. Just a thought, maybe use a gimbal? Oh, and what happened to the super fun profanity, did the overlords bow down to PC timidness?

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the gimbal thing has been brought up on previous sven vs. edits. he keeps destroying them (is it really a surprise?) so, why bother? the toned down language didn't come from us, but it's definitely better for the youth and general audience out there if it's a little less f-bomb-filled LOL

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Blame the editor. Plenty of choice words were left on the cutting room floor. Not for PC reasons as much as trying to keep the overall length reasonable and Sven's other comments are more entertaining than a string of f-bombs. The recce rides have always been full of banter among the group (which unfortunately doesn't get picked up on the gopro) and less about cursing our way down the hill.

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