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It's official. Santa Cruz Bicycles has made an e-bike. The Heckler name has been resurrected and applied to the 27.5-inch-wheeled, 150mm-travel eMTB from the Northern California brand. Weights on the new Heckler ebike vary from the low 46- to high 47-pound range. Four models are available with prices starting at $7,399 for the Heckler CCR and reaching $12,599 for the Heckler CC XX1 AXS RSV model. Using a Shimano motor and 500wh integrated battery, the Heckler breaks the e-bike barrier for Santa Cruz.

  • 0:58 - Santa Cruz Heckler - See the Official Press Release

  • 2:21 - The 2020 Pivot Switchblade was released last week and Vital's Brandon Turman beat it on the rocky trails of Phoenix, AZ.

  • 3:11 - Specialized makes the lightest eMTB with the evolution of the Turbo Levo SL. At just 38 pounds for the highest-end model, it will set you back some $16,000. Don't worry though, there are other models that are still lightweight at half the price.
  • 4:28 - Motion Instruments introduces their data acquisition kit to analyze mountain bike suspension. The full kit is nearly $1,000, but is a sign that super high-tech suspension tuning is coming to the masses.
  • 5:17 - Crossworx Bicycles out of Germany introduced their Dash enduro bike with 27.5-inch wheels and 160mm of travel.
  • 5:55 - Prime Bicycles is a new mountain bike brand teasing their new DH steed.
  • 6:21 - Undomestic Bikes is a gearbox bike brand out of the Netherlands, showing off a CAD drawing of their soon-to-be-released "M" bike using Pinion gearbox drivetrains.
  • 6:55 - Spy shots of Aggy's Evil freeride bike
  • 7:06 - Johan Hjord tests the POC Tectal Race Spin NFC Helmet

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