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Big jumps, big hucks and big steeze. Ratboy is present and Brendog flips. Red Bull Hardline is here.

Credit: TJ Smith

sspomer sspomer 9/13/2018 1:35 PM

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covered a few days ago -,2/2019-Racing-Rumors,10235?page=8#post_36124 - brendan is on his old rampage bike because, according to unscientific rumors, "it flips better".

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Just watched it for a 3rd time. That would look insane in person. It's like a fest series level of racing, absolutely massive and full commitment. Tech mixed with mega booters, not a bad combo for spectators.

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All it shows is that slack seat angles allow the tire to hit the saddle at full bottom out. Seriously brands need to fix this ASAP and not force riders to run a) the saddle slammed forward and b) force the rider to run the saddle super high!

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Yup. Back in the beginning of big DH development tire buzzing was common and I hated it. Eventually everybody fixed that stupid crap. Now...we're full circle

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Ratboy and Brendog seems to put to shame a lot of this "Elite Dh World cup riders"

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