Vital RAW: Rock Smashing and Dashing at the Enduro World Series Finale Ligure 10

Trail bikes smashing rocks and rallying turns. Is there really anything better?

Credit: Steel City Media
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  • Gareth_Weston

    10/20/2013 1:43 PM

    The french are naturally gifted at enduro because enduro represents every gross french mtb trait going. Hideous urge helmet, check, short shorts, check, mouth breathing, check, kenny kit, check, bow legs and roadie shoes, check.

  • iMountainBike

    10/20/2013 10:35 AM

    Those bikes just aged 5 years in 1 day such a Smashing video!

  • kidwoo

    10/20/2013 8:49 AM

    Did anyone find out if it was a boy or a girl that Barel had? I've never seen anyone ride that fast mid labor.

  • tumble

    10/20/2013 4:53 AM

    Their suspension must be cooking through those long rough sections.

    How does Clementz get away without wearing a pack for hydration & spares?

  • savdog

    10/20/2013 1:27 PM

    its under his jersey

  • tumble

    10/20/2013 7:54 PM

    He can't be carrying much then if that's the case. Oh well, it seems to work for him.

  • iceman2058

    10/20/2013 12:43 AM

    Rock smashing is the right term. Daaaamn....

  • Sum_1

    10/19/2013 8:36 PM

    Fabien sounds like a horse.

  • sideshow

    10/19/2013 7:21 PM

    I am really glad that we still get to watch Fab ride even though he "retired" - his form in the tight left/right was textbook.

  • Big Bird

    10/19/2013 7:20 PM

    That vid reminded me. When Anka Martin won Trans Provence, there was a question about what kind of bike and shock she was running. I found out from an inside source that it was just a Bronson in Juliana colors. Just so ya know.

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