ONE LAP - Remi Gauvin, Port Angeles, Washington 8

Wet and wild through the high-speed woods of Port Angeles with Remi Gauvin. If anyone is willing to truck some of this moisture down to BroCal and sprinkle it on the trails, we wouldn't mind.

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Credit: Remi Gauvin's dome
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  • profro

    4/7/2015 6:36 PM

    so let me get this straight… berm to straight, to berm, to jump, to berm? Got it.

  • Danimal5-0

    4/3/2015 9:05 PM

    Looks like yet another beautiful northwest day! Love riding the wet, and you really only need a spike in the rear.

  • Colin McCarthy

    4/4/2015 4:13 PM

    highly illogical

  • schuster19

    4/3/2015 4:11 PM

    Oh god.. the NW cup is 3 weeks away and this is what PA looks like right now??!! May have to get a set of spikes!

  • northwestdhdad

    4/3/2015 1:12 PM

    The salmon were leaping outta his way.........

  • jerryhazard

    4/3/2015 8:44 AM

    Stay on your bike Remi!!!

  • BWES1967

    4/3/2015 8:33 AM

    Thank you for showing me when NOT to ride in Port Angeles. What a mess! Does look fun though.

  • Hristo_Tanev

    4/3/2015 7:18 AM

    He is swimming faster than Michael Phelps .

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