ONE LAP - Mount Pinos with Bryson Martin Jr. and Brandon Turman 8

Take a speedy, snowy, singletrack lap down Mt. Pinos, CA. DVO's Bryson Martin Jr. leads out Vital's main product punisher, Brandon Turman. #popwheelies

Credit: Brandon's Beefy Chest
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  • Faster Than U

    11/27/2016 8:21 PM

    Cool vid, but maybe a good music track instead of the commentary for the next one.

  • Primoz

    11/24/2016 10:47 AM

    Is it the video source (so the camera) or is it the encoding for the web? The picture is SO blocky in dark areas, it's like a camo. Either there is way too much noise (camera) or too much compression for the stream.

  • Walt_Malzahn

    11/23/2016 1:30 PM

    Brandon, are you using a gimbel on that camera?

  • sspomer

    11/23/2016 6:05 PM

    yep, there was a gimbal on a chesty mount

  • bokdoos

    11/23/2016 11:32 AM

    Snow-Cal. I love that trail. It is pretty buff with just a few sniper rocks. @Daniel_Layton Its a nice change to all the super sharp, rocky loose over hardpack that we typically ride around here.

  • Daniel_Layton

    11/23/2016 11:30 AM

    Is it just the camera buffing out the trail or are there really zero rocks on this trail? I love a good flow section but not 7 minutes of it.

  • Bblades05

    11/28/2016 5:48 PM

    ^^^^ Cali hater in da house ^^^^

  • Big Bird

    11/23/2016 9:59 AM

    That just made me miss riding so much.

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