ONE LAP - A Trail & A Tale - Lars Sternberg and Aaron Bradford 5

Blitzing fast, fun singletrack with your friends is a highlight for any mountain biker. Lars Sternberg and Aaron Bradford (the Baron of Radford), hit mach speeds on Sawtooth trail during the first stage of the 2016 Trans-Cascadia race this year near Crater Lake, Oregon.

Aaron, who won the race in 2015, leads out Lars on the trail while Lars waxes poetic about the earlier days of racing Enduro, meeting Aaron for the first time and becoming fast friends. Lars is the official Airtime Engineer and Cat Herder for Transition Bikes and the Baron of Radford continues to farm his hair while racing for Evil Bikes.

Baron, Krunk, Lars and Dunc.

Stay tuned for more trails and tales with Lars at the Trans-Cascadia and follow these two heavies of hijinx at @larsnbars at @aaron_bradford.

Credit: Lars Sternberg with additional photos by Paris Gore / Trans-Cascadia
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  • headless chicken

    11/2/2016 10:37 AM

    Use a gimbal, looks fast but I lost interest, as most of the mtb vids I try to watch these days

  • Big Bird

    11/1/2016 5:35 PM

    More of these please. Well done Sirs.

  • Tom

    11/1/2016 1:17 PM

    Cool story bro, but I need to know more about that bike! I have geeked out over the black decal on the top tube and I am thinking it's a smuggler, if so is that a X2 coil as they don't make one to fit the smuggler? Very tempted to try a coil on mine but I am a bit unsure that it might not be progressive enough and bottom out all the time? Cheers!

  • ride

    11/1/2016 2:57 PM

    Hey Tom,
    That bike was in fact a Smuggler. And that is a 7 year old 7.5x2" Fox RC4. It came off my V2 Covert from 2010. You can't find the X2 Coil in this size, so I went with what I had in the garage. It actually works really well with the boost chamber providing a bit of progression for such a short travel bike. I usually run a touch longer fork, and running a little stiffer spring than I need really ramps up the party. Cheers!

  • Tom

    11/2/2016 1:41 AM

    Thanks for getting back, sticking with an air shock might be the best thing to do then. I find the bike really does work at it's best at just over 30% sag and I am running 3 rings in the air can. There doesn't seem to be any modern coil shocks that you can adjust the ramp up. Keep up the good work!!

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