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Mike Montgomery Riding Mammoth Bike Park (on a Specialized) 11

Mike Montgomery visited Mammoth Mountain in Northern California last weekend to get in hot some laps on his new rig. Be sure to check out the photo gallery, too.

Mammoth Bike Park is open until October 2nd, so get up there this weekend if you can.

Credit: Mammoth

bturman bturman 9/30/2011 5:39 PM

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The dude is awesome to watch, I love the paved trail... we did the same with ours but when its dry season, the paving block becomes loose and popping out place. Makes it dangerous to ride sometimes. They so much fun to ride tho... Specialized is trying to get back into freeriding again I think. They've been winning DH and hardly wins freeride events

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He is likely riding for Specialized in 2012. With his higher profile etc he is at the point where he needs the support of a bigger company at events that unfortunatly smaller companies can't afford. Now if something happens (bike theft for example, or part failure) he'll have access to quick replacements etc.

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Mammoth only carries Rocky Mtn demo bikes, from what I've seen. Mostly Flatline Park models, but also some XCish Rocky Mountain bikes too.

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Honestly, I think the big drops are more of Mammoth's signature more than anything else. I see more pictures and videos taken of the drops than anything else. Kamikaze is meh. Only one corner up top and one corner down bottom by Shock Treatment that gets me to drift. The loose pumice is meh... it's tons better than riding through SoCal trails that have been ravaged by dirt bikers. Big Bear's looser sections, full of deep finely sifted dirt, notably around the Wigwam area are harder to ride--but that's a compliment to Mammoth for keeping their trails in top riding condition and a dis to Big Bear for not really caring. Recoil is kind of meh... seems too casual compared to other jump trails. It's more of an intermediate dirt jumper's rhythm section, except all the jumps are table tops, sort of including the step up and hip jump. Well, good for people who are deathly afraid of gaps to at least get some air without fear of wrecking if they don't clear it.

Upper Twilight is a blast though. The first time, I took it way too slow and felt my bike steered like a bus and couldn't maintain any momentum to fly over the mini rollers, with the ring thingees slowing me down even more. Second time through, something clicked and it felt f-ing awesome. Very well sculpted--primo job.

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Thats the rock section coming down from stump alley I believe. Rode it earlier this summer. There is also an easier go around option to skip this rock section if you want.

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What trails are :50 and 1:06? Bullet's rock garden, just after the major intersection, I am guessing. I'm afraid to ride that one rock garden with my bike's low BB and just do Brake Through.

A lot of lifts running besides the main Gondola. I wonder when this was filmed. Seems like this year at least, judging by the upper Twilight Zone footage at :32. Would've been nice if other lifts were open so I wouldn't have to take the shuttle back to the main lodge. The line extends all the way to the road too, by 10AM until about 2PM.

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