Leatt DBX Pro Neck Brace Long Term Review

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Now that I have been using the brace for the nearly a full year, my opinions haven't really changed.

Durability - I've taken a few spills and just normal wear and tear over the last 6 months and the brace still looks brand new. The padding is easy to remove and clean (not having Velcro to deal with really makes everything easier to clean). The spring loaded hinges are still working like they did right out of the box.

I have mostly been running it without the straps because the design compared to the original brace seems to stay put a little better (see video below). Stoked.

After everything, the only con I can think of for the brace would be the price. With being able to get the lower end models for much less, it makes it harder to justify spending the extra money, but you really are getting a quality piece of safety equipment.

Overall, I feel like this brace is a big step up from the original design. I have been really happy with the brace. I would definitely recommend it over the other Leatt models if you can afford it.

Now enjoy some video goodness of the brace in action!

If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask.
Credit: Josh Maurer / Emily Maurer / Jamie Perugini

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