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Jeremy McGrath and Friends Shredding 28

The King of Supercross, Chris Powell and Luca Cometti spend a day riding some fun, flowy, jumpy trails near Southern California between storms.

Credit: Skep-Tik

sspomer sspomer 2/19/2019 8:25 AM

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Hey'lls yeah Kenevo Life!!!! Lovin' mine and love the fact I enjoy something that makes others so angry. Must be miserable to be on the other side of the fence.

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Oh for fucksake, stop whining about trail access. Join a group, be constructive and give back to the sport in a positive way. Bitching all the time achieves nothing. Be a good influence in your local area and get more people involved then your voice will be bigger and will have more influence and then maybe you'll help to prevent the loss of trails rather than just crying when they're gone. Hell you might even get more opened.

Just my 2...

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You and I live in completely different places with different laws, jurisdictions & access issues. To tell me to shut up about our access issues is like me pretending I know ANYTHING about yours.

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No no, not once have I told you to shut up. I made a generalised comment about whining, which if you read further actually tells 'you' (again that is a general use of the term, so please don't take it personally) to do more so your voice can be heard.

Neither did I mention anything about location and laws, etc. FYI I totally agree that we live in different places which have all of and more of the differences you've written. There's no need to use them as an excuse because they are not relevant to my point. The reason we have better access in the UK and in the wider European lands is because we have done and continue to do something about it. There are many great people in our land that care passionately about access and they have all joined various groups to discuss and bring about changes to access laws for the benefits of others... and themselves.

Yes the issues that face you guys in the US are different (no shit Sherlock). But to make them change, people have to get off their arses to do something about it... which will take a lot of time because just like in the UK there are many people that all want access and they all have different opinions and interpretations of the law and what it entails.

We're more fortunate than you because our access changes started decades ago (partly with a mass trespass on Kinder Scout) and it's still far from perfect now. However there are many people that are working to improve it (for themselves and sometimes others).

You guys are suffering with some real shitty access issues, but all i've seen here is folk pointing the finger and blaming someone else. Hence my original comment.
Maybe you could read it again without worrying so much about race, gender and who's current leader is better.


Please spin off a separate publication/website for ebikes. These are motorbikes that share a few bicycle parts so it is a different sport. They will never compete in the same racing class just like you will never see a CRF450 in MotoGP. Please see: Electric Bike Action vs, Mountain Bike Action.

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Dang...I wish this wasn't just a specialized commercial. Would be rad to just have a video from them with no sell behind it.

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That's an odd sentiment. You want cool videos like this to be produced but don't want to see any signs of money involved? These guys are athletes. How is the industry that produces videos like this supposed to grow and survive without money moving through it?

Also, slapping a label at the beginning and end of a video doesn't make it a commercial.

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Getting frothy in here. Maybe it's time to start labeling e-bike content Rated-E.

Or something more subtle in the title -- "Jerem-E McGrath and Friends Shredding"

Or Just tag your go-to seo-approved title verbs: eShred / eSchralp / eHuck / eBoost, etc.

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Fokk Specialized for turning one of my favorite Supercross stars into a figurehead for lazy assist fat-mobiles.
We are NOT entitled to get anywhere faster. Sure, you got massive amounts of gravel roads out west, but here in the Southeast, we have brutal access issues just for knobby tires. Yet the shops don't give a rats ass and let people rent e-bikes all day every day to people who take them straight out to every illegal tral. Cashing in on a trend that will get us less and less access and feigning ignorance.

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I'm not gonna hate on you because you live someplace completely different than where I do. I live in the most visited US National Forest in the nation which is tiny in comparison to where you live and yet we have monster access issues here. So just consider an e-bike in the context of where it's being used.

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Newsflash: e-bikes don't cause any more access issues than normal mtb riders who ride the same illegal trails. Access was an issue even before ebikes existed. Any bike + illegal trails = pissed off rangers/city council members/grandmas/whoever. If a trail is illegal, than anyone riding it is a problem no matter what kind of bike they are on. This is coming from me, a guy who rides all the illegal trails on his normal mtb and admits he's part of the problem, but I can't resist the steeps.

We are all equally guilty bud. West coasters have access issues as well, our trails get destroyed all the time. If my grandpa wants to ride with me and needs some assist to keep up that doesn't make him a villain, stop being so closed minded and let the mtb industry grow for christ's sake. Normal mtb isn't going anywhere and ebikes aren't a threat.

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Man this makes me anxious to get back out on my Kenevo this summer!!! Love that thing. So capable, so fun. I'm all for em. After 3 seasons on em' riding, guiding and racing I don't see the hypothetical concerns coming to fruition. If anything it's going to get the decision makers and influential peeps out on bikes when the fitness barrier and general lack of fun has been a deterrent to the sport. This being said I still ride and race my bio-ped whenever I can. Just a different experience going up, though I have to say I'm starting to like the added stability and burliness of my Kenevo over a traditional enduro bike when descending. My bum post-ski race accident knee appreciates em too!

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