Video: 2013 Australian Gravity Cup Round 2, Thredbo, Sam Hill Wins 12

Sam Hill and Caroline Buchanan take Pro downhill victories at the 2nd round of the Australian Gravity Cup at Thredbo. Know for its long, brutal course, Thredbo is one of the most challenging venues of the Australian downhill season. View the full Pro results here


Ty Bowmaker -

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  • Pininator

    2/12/2013 11:17 PM

    Awesome vid! I was already looking forward to riding on Friday...this just makes me fiend even more.

  • Rbka

    2/11/2013 9:14 AM

    everything about this video got me excited! Brosnan back on the dh bike, finally seeing footage of Caroline Buchanan.... just so much riding footage!!! Go Sam! Go everyone! Go DH! I can't WAIT for the snow to melt here!
    (also... that shoe flying shot was amazing! hope the dude was okay! and ties his laces tighter for next time...)

  • CaptyvateMedia

    2/11/2013 2:16 PM

    Cheers dude, glad it got you pumped! Australia is the place to be right now

  • russthedog

    2/12/2013 1:27 AM

    Yeah couldnt agree more, great vid!

  • ThisGuy

    2/11/2013 8:29 AM

    Looks like Sam learned how to talk, and have fun... way to go Sam!

  • LeaW

    2/11/2013 8:09 AM

    The shoe... I laughed so hard !

  • Anauê_Rodrigues

    2/11/2013 6:22 AM

    Sam Hill The best for ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iceman2058

    2/10/2013 10:12 PM

    It's been a while since we had one of those big shoe-removing crashes...
    Good looking edit Ty.

  • Pininator

    2/12/2013 11:15 PM

    Glad the crash itself was off-camera, because that rider wasn't looking in a good way going out of frame. Daaaayum! Hope the rider was ok.

  • Roll X

    2/10/2013 8:45 PM

    Good sight of fitness and strength , that track is brutal and bloody long . Six mins on that track and your flying so a 521 is blistering ... GO SAM !!!!!!!!

  • FredLikesTrikes

    2/10/2013 7:27 PM

    Any word on Brosnan?

  • CaptyvateMedia

    2/10/2013 7:29 PM

    Rode for a bit of fun this weekend. He is only just getting back up to pace from his big injuries he suffered while overseas racing the World Cup circuit last year.

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