Alpinestars Knee, Elbow Pad Offerings and New Vector Tech Enduro Helmet

Product / Technical

Alpinestars has expanded their protection line-up to feature a wide variety of knee and elbow pad options. From the soft Vector Pro line to the hard-shell Vector Tech to the full-featured Bionic Pro and Plus pads, Astars has high tech, ergonomic construction throughout the line with advanced materials. They're even trying to introduce an e-bike-specific pad dubbed the E-Ride, but we'll just call them mountain bike pads.

Finally they have a new, full-coverage open face Trail / Enduro Helmet also dubbed Vector Tech. It features MIPS technology, the adjustable bells and whistles you'd expect and comes i in a handful of colors including a stealthy gloss black. A non-MIPS version will be available soon, too.

Credit: Johan Hjord

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