2010 U.S. National Championship DH Finals 7

Aaron Gwin and Jill Kintner earn 2010 National Championships downhill titles at SolVista Bike Park. Blustery and dry conditions greeted the Men's competitors on a course where speeds up to 37mph were recorded. Gwin injured his hand in qualifying, but taped it up to hold on for the win, while Jill Kintner pushed her jumping skills to new levels which helped her earn the title.

Pro Men's Top 5
1. Aaron Gwin, 2:21.17
2. Logan Binggeli, 2:24.64
3. Tyler Immer, 2.24.87
4. Kyle Strait, 2.25.46
5. Brad Benedict, 2.25.61

Pro Women's Top 5
1. Jill Kintner, 2:46.20
2. Jacqueline Harmony, 2:49.66
3. Melissa Buhl, 2:51.13
4. Leigh Donovan, 2:51.89
5. Darian Harvey, 3:03.18

Credit: gordo
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  • tmx

    7/21/2010 5:50 AM

    "...and now it's good." richness.

  • espi!

    7/20/2010 12:16 PM

    WOW- Gwin- "best race of the season"!!! way to go fellas

  • lawn dart

    7/19/2010 7:47 PM

    what an awesome weekend. props to everybody who helped, build, organize, and put that together. i love sol vista! thanks, vital for documenting and entertaining us with this stuff before, during, and after the whole event! Hat's off, Matt, Moga, Steve, T.J, and Phil. And Diane on the lift!!

  • sspomer

    7/19/2010 5:35 PM

    Just saw griz at hospital. He's hangin in there but pretty busted up with pelvis and collarbone. He gave a little vid update that will be up later tonight. FYI

  • kidwithbike

    7/19/2010 4:10 PM

    i feel like Griz will get the right kind of attention to help his Pelvis heal. -PJ

  • sspomer

    7/19/2010 11:53 AM

    way overshot and went OTB on the negrodamus jump and landed hard. last i heard was pelvic injury, but not positive. he was talking and in good spirits when they took him down the hill.

  • gino.guerra

    7/19/2010 11:44 AM

    what happened to griz?

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